Aid People change Naija:food for the needy

Aid People change Naija “Emergency Team” to visit IDP camp Uhuogua Benin city to support the needy
immediately the CEO of AID PEOPLE CHANGE NAIJA, Mrs Becky Edionewe read the message posted on facebook by one Mr Prince Johnmark Chiazor, she immediately called the Emercency team from Aid People Change Naija to visit the camp for verification as a result to the investigations, some of the residents narrated thier unbearable situation

Source:Facebook Prince Johnmark Chiazor — “This is a camp dedicated to helping homeless individuals in our society including children… I WAS HEARTBROKEN � WHEN I AND MY TEAM from FREZHMINDS FOUNDATION VISITED Them to present to them some items… THE CAMP WAS IN A STATE OF PITY AS THESE CHILDREN DO SLEEP IN Leaking tents just to survive… I weep because there is no help for them..
Dear one reading this post… I urge you to donate to these children… They curve for your love and care…
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