Becky Edionewe the CEO of Aid People Change Naija has promised to do her best in supporting majority of persons directly or indirectly excluded from social services in Benin city.
Becky Edionewe included in her last meeting with members of Aid People Change Naija “Emergency team” on the 17th July 2017 with over 30 participants including volunteers in Ireland, she concluded her speech by “i won’t stop shipping orthopedic kits to Benin city, the situation is disastrous”
Recently in Benin city over 300 PWD recieved benefits from Aid People change Naija in collaboration with AMC1D Aiuta Bambini arms AMC1D Projects International NGO Italy as the CEO Kingsley Eno Osagie professionally know as Winning Jah (Reggae Musician) honoured the partnership to support without interest.


Photos of some PWD benefiary 


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