How to assist disables with orthopaedic kits


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On the 8th July 2017 the CEO of Aid People Change Naija, Amb. Becky Edionewe advised the Edo state youths to render home assistance to persons living with difficulty or disability, she invited members from medical sector as references to acknowledge the workshop on how to apply major orthopedic materials as regards to PWD in Benin city, firstly, she talked about knowing the pathology,the motives of PWD’s deformity, studying the complete prescriptions including radiographies and more, written by a professional or specialised Doctor, she also coached when and how Urine sacs are been fixed for persons with paralysis not only
she ended the successful workshop by appreciating the director of the workshop,
Amb. Eno , CEO  Enorecords entertainment company and  AMC1D Projects International ONLUS, professionally known as Winning Jah (Musician) , during the workshop she encouraged the Benin youths to request personalised private social assistant course with Aid People Change Naija for free , Amb.Becky Edionewe   gained rounds of applauds.

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