Edo State: Aid people change,Good samarithan to conduct charities in Benin City. Mr Kingdom Imohimi

Ceo {Good Samaritan}

An extraordinary  meeting was held on the 17th January 2018 by notable accredited NGOS in Benin city. During the meeting, it was  finalized after a long discussion, by  the ceo’s of Aid people change Nigeria,Edo reggae festival.Inc. and Good Samaritan  ace NGO in conjunction, presented a  special memorandum, on  restructuring NGOS in  Benin city,  Edo State. We are  appealing to all resident charity organizations in Benin city,  said Miss Adesuwa Obatta while reading  to  guests , she   analysed in profonded  details, in merit to subject proposal, titled  Obaland Award/The Edo International reggae Festival initiative,

while Mr Kingdom Imohimi underlined the aims of the upcoming  initiative, we must say a big thanks to Ceo, Edo Reggae festival inc. for the privileges given  to charity organizations to  showcase our skills and effectiveness, i  am sure, this collaboration will promote tourism, and NGOS will always be responsible to publish through our channels to reach out international  fans, while we continue to serve and participate as human resources to this cultural event. he also talked about building credibility through reggae music and  avoiding   unauthorized or illegal dealings like fraudulent acts and stealing under  charitable  coverage. The ceo of Good Samaritan, Mr Kingdom Imohimi explained brilliantly, why the new principles must be accepted  “If our organization had stayed over 45 years with thousands of credits to our NGO, i should be able to restructure the presence of  Charity functions in Benin city, by collaborating with the state Governor, Godwin Obaseki. the Commissioner of arts and culture and every qualified organizing members. To achieve this initiative, all parties involved  or interested in making Benin city a better place, using resources and micro projects tools, common within  NGOS , all registered  voluntary organizations, must be ready, simply by  demonstrating previous  references  and accountability, properly written , attaching  official documented expenditures, with  a maximum possibility to verify previous initiatives and beneficiaries. while also telling our committee the future project and challenges previewed ” , he concluded.

Mrs Adesuwa Obatta

Ceo Edos Reggae Festival Inc.

As the  meeting went forward ,  Engr.Famous Osaretin, the Project manager of Aid People Change Nigeria, interrupted the minutes, standing beside the Stella best Knitters coys Ceo, He first greeted the house and apologized for his unprogrammed intervention and continued  “An external body committee with decades of experience on serving persons living with difficulties spiced with a passion of social orientation will be the role model of  this subject,  meanwhile, i appreciate Mr Kingdom Imohimi , your institution has been operating effectively without national funds for decades, yet the capability and know how skills you implemented on each projects yield positive impact  to Benin City, your renowned  “Good Samaritan” has proven a long standing sincerity that fueled credibility  in minds of die hard donors,  as preambly said , this  reasons fueled  me to accept your opinion on this new development.


President-Aid People Change Naija

I sincerely advice we start up immediately for the ordinary citizens would appreciate this principles home and abroad, The CEO  of Aid People Change Nigeria , Mrs Becky Edionewe wasn’t   forgotten regarding her minutes and  professionalism  to educate NGOS, to grow more passionate volunteers in Benin city. This  will also be a plus , he  appreciated  the forum. Amb. Becky Edionwe also gave her concrete disponibility, adding “we at Aid People Change Nigeria,  will  review this memorandum in few days before a national forum will be fixed  with Edo state  Governor to  finalize this program..

National fundraising committee and surveillance will definitely eradicate fear from all willing citizens, i strongly agree with our board members and this entire meeting. If anyone has questions kindly raise your hand,” he concluded.
No one obstructed the idea , the initiative concluded with approval of Obaland central NGO service ‘Third sector’.

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