AID PEOPLE CHANGE NAIJA NGO,Honoured Tina Tinuke Akinola-Jinad.

Honoree for exemplary leadership & Best Irish event host of the Year 2018 (Dublin-Ireland)

Tina Tinuke Akinola-Jinad- Honoree for exemplary leadership & Best Irish event host of the Year 2018 (Dublin-Ireland)


Nigerians in diaspora have proven capabilities of change in all senses, Africa could get better by permitting most African female intellects to play the lead, like Tina Tinuke Akinola. who discovers talents and  empower young African women.

Tina Akinola, is one of the most respected and celebrated Nigerians in Ireland, known for empowering young girls in their various fields by promoting them through a well-structured multicultural platform to subsequently attain their potentials. She is also the CEO of Tritees Promotions and one of the organisers of the famous Miss Africa Ireland beauty/fashion show in Ireland that has benefited various nationals for over two decades.

The show which promotes African heritage and bridges the cultural gap between Diaspora Africans and Irish has encouraged hundreds of youths who participate annually. Since the pageant’s inaugural in the year 2000, the organisers have maintained their commitment to promoting African beauty and culture and encourage multiculturalism among the Irish and African immigrants in the Republic of Ireland with little or no funding. The organisation is non-profit and targets the promotion of a multicultural Ireland and supports the youths and charities targeting African issues each year.

In 2018, Aid People Change Naija’s International NGO’s board members finally acknowledged the impact of Tina Tinuke Akinola in promoting Africa cultural heritage. She has been honoured by a prestigious humanitarian Award for Exemplary leadership & Best Irish event host of the Year 2018 (Dublin-Ireland).

The award will be presented on the 4th of June, 14:00 H, at the Hotel Hilton Dublin Kilmainham, S Circular Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland.

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