Blessed Better Christian group visited Aid People Change Orphanage home



Blessed Betters is a group of Christians from various church in Benin City, Edo State. Their aim is to support charity organizations residing within the  Edo State. They have been consistent in humanitarian services for decades. On the 19th of January, they visited Aid People Change Orphanage Home to donate aliments and other fundamental needs to  the less priviledge orphans,   at No 38 Obakhavbaye street, Benin City- Edo state, where Aid People Change Nigeria’s institute for homeless children sent by Ministry of Women affairs Commission is located. The Ceo Amb. Becky Edionewe and Chairlady of  Aid People Change  NGO, Deaconess- Pat Edion expressed sincere gratitude to the kind gesture, effectuated by Blessed Betters Christian group “We appreciate all you’ve done for this helpless children, following the social ills in Nigeria today, where citizens strive to eat lesser than a dollar daily” she said.


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