Mr Courage unveiled his dreadful earlier life

Mr Courage Osagiede

Credit: Mr Courage Osagiede

Sometimes people do have reasons to name their children positively to later impact life.



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The case of one  Mr Courage Osagiede, who had suffered morally, physically and socially within the Federal Republic of Nigeria is no longer a breaking news but a satanic template. Babaric attitude imposed on disables for a very long period in Nigeria is becoming so horrific but seen as (Na normal thing) or normal. If you recall those urgly days whereby parents abandon their biological children affected with any type of disability.  50yrs in Nigeria is just a tip of an  iceberg to cite duration, for Nigerian competent authorities demonstrating incapability  to eradicate violence within family or persons affected with this physical  challenge, diagonised after pathology by medical specialists and implement  a severe law to punish the perpetrator of such act. Earlier, Mr Courage’s father disowned  him because of his disability, he grew up with his mum that was also jobless, an episode to never be forgotten by Mr courage, how life and nature cheated him.Now seeking for aid to buy a walking stick


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