Aid People Change Naija directives from Ireland embarked on children welfare

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New born babies  from prostitute mothers and victim of sex violence now with Aid People Change volunteers

Statistically, over two million young girls in Nigeria, below  the age of 16 years had been victims of rape and all sorts of maltreatment. It is no more a breaking news to see abandoned   moses in baskets  around the corners of the nation. Aid People Change Naija  Charity organization repeatedly advised  victims of  unwanted pregnancy and rape to leave the babies with Aid People Change Naija orphanage home, situated at No 38 Obakhavbaye street in Benin City, Nigeria as a social alternative to killings of new born babies or selling them to ritualist around the nation. Kindly adopt a child today by funding their feeding, health care and clothing.


Membership Fee

All members are entitled to pay annual membership dues , this fees also permits the Aid People Change Naija charity organization to sustain its objectives.



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Aid People Change Naija Orphanage home.

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