Multiple award winning author ,   Mercedes Monden ,  a Nigerian born Dutch author of six published  books as at 2019, , Philanthropist,  daughter, a wife, a mother, a spiritual adviser, mentor, a conference host, a prophetic intercessor, a life coach, and an ordained minister in the office of a prophet. Mercedes Monden operates in the apostolic as an evangelist and a prophet to the nations of the world. She is the founder of Breath Holies Worldwide Outreach Ministries, Mercedes Monden Ministries,

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Apt. Mercedes Monden (During Forum)

Royal Crown Church, and the Pursuit of Divine Purpose Empowerment Conferences. She came into prominence as an author after publishing  series of positively reviewed books like  “the Business & Financial Wealth Creation”  “Fulfilling Gods Purpose For Your Life Against All Odds”. She is the visionary of the National Prayer Chain Movement in the Netherlands. She is a well-known conference speaker in both the business world and Christian communities.In 2018, she received the precious Obaland Royal Awards for Best Nigerian amazing  author of the Year  2018 after other previous awards. We decided to interview her to learn about her professional job and her humanitarian services.

Source of collective published books by Apt.Mercedes Monden.


1. What inspired you to become a book Author?

My love for empowering people, just to see people succeed in every area of their lives.

2. Which was your debut book?

The First Edition of financial wealth creation was  officially published in 2010.

3. How many books have you written?
Like six books so far.

4. How have these books impacted you or your community?

I have written a few books, this has been one of the most exciting, eyes opening book I have ever had to research and write, because it deals with real life issues, and brings real solutions to live predicament many are facing within their relationships, it also bring s solution and guidance to those that are yet to embark on the journey of marriage as well. I am amazed at how this books is already transforming lives and hopeless relationships in the sphere of my influence.

5.Who are your mentors?
Jesus Christ, My husband, my siblings, my mother

6. We noticed you normally write biblical scriptures, do you have intentions to write other genere ?
I never write for the sake of writing, I write out of the inspiration of the Spirit of God. Right now I do intend to write faith-based stories.

7.Where do you normally publish your books?

I am a self published author. My books are found in , most Libraries, Amazon and other online shops like Kinder, Ebook, Ibooks, Google books etc.
Which was the most successful book ever written by you?

Very difficult question, my children educational faith-based books have been successful as well as my Financial wealth creation book.
8.When as your best moment as a book author?

You know, when an acclaimed institution gives you a honor or any sort of recognition for what you do, means alot to creators or any public figure, like In 2015, i won inspirational award organised by  The Voice Achievers Awards, followed by the year 2018, i was honored by the precious Obaland Awards for  Best Nigerian amazing  author of the Year  2018,  to mention just few.

9. As a Christian, what is your advise  to young girls?

As a mother not only as a woman of God, my advise to young girls is firstly, to be very focus on education, creativity to render them future self independence, and finally to accept God as their creator, obey the spiritual words of our lord Jesus Christ and they will surely give testimony, same applies to young boys.

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