Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away.

Miss Victory Okoduwa

“After giving birth to my baby, my plan is to throw the new born into bin” said a 20 years old mother Miss Victoria Okoduwa, who hails from Ugboha a province of Uromi -Edo State.This horrific story was unveiled to Aid People change Naija media rappresentative, Miss Evbin Osaretin. who interviewed the young mother to know if she  was certain about her declarations before Aid People Change Naija decides legally to work on transferring the new born  baby to a working class family till the age of 18. During the Sunday assembly with volunteers and legal advisers to Aid People Change Naija (NGO) the founder and chairperson Amb. Becky Edionewe spoke for fifteen minutes,she started with family planning and youths Jobs empowerment alongside sex education, she quickly cited the observations of UNICEF, while she also detailed the essence of Child distance adoption in Nigeria at large.

The Need of distance Adoption: UNICEF states that poverty reduction starts with children. Poverty is transmitted from one generation to the next. Spending on a child’s health, nutrition, education, and social, emotional and cognitive development, and on achieving gender equality, is an investment in a more democratic and equitable society. It is also an investment in a healthier, more literate and, ultimately, more productive population.


Project Description: Improving the everyday life of children through Long Distance Adoption. Giving the possibility to needy children to grow with dignity in their own culture and surroundings by providing basic needs such as food, medicine and education

She also confirmed massive growth of abandoned children in Nigeria, because of frequent rape, children abuse and lack of education. Finally she authorised the adoption program as a rapid tool to support this unbearable phenomenon.


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