Aid People Change found Grace.

If you recall, we reported an issue of Miss Victoria from Uromi. Now we have an update about the new development.

You might also like to read: Miss Victory Okoduwa from Uromi decided to throw her baby away.

Immediately Miss Victoria put to birth a pretty baby girl named Grace, she decided to abandon the little  Girl for Aid People Change Naija Charity to care for her.

Today we really want to appreciate the acting mother Osas Emwin, who is also one of the directives at Aid People Change Naija Orphanage home, situated at Obakhavbaye street, no 38 Benin city in Nigeria. Due to her social relations, reported to our inhouse volunteers, alongside images of the  new look of  our adopted baby Grace, below are the pictures, “life could be horrific to anyone but believe God is in control” said Osaretin Emwin


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