Nigerian philanthropist and Social assistant Osaretin Emwin, added one year.


Miss Osaretin Emwin on the road to feed the needy.

Few Nigerians will certainly accept a complete work no pay job, in exchange to see a better nation. Miss Osaretin Emwin is one of those volunteers battling daily to  eradicate abandonment of babies in Nigeria. She is also a founding member of Aid People Change Nigeria Charity Organisation.  She became more prominent in Edo State after she consecutively adopted abandoned  babies  from  careless young girls, which she maintained sincerely  with her stipends, before becoming a member of the Aid People Change Nigeria. She loves working with passion. The unstoppable  Miss Osaretin added another blessed year on the 23rd of August 2019 “nothing gives me joy like celebrating my birthday with my family and make the orphans my special guest” – said Miss Oaretin Emwin.


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