Speechless: First Nigerian comedian to donate immensely to vulnerable children in Edo State – (Comedian) I GO DIE

Over twenty celebrities disclosed how much they donated to Nigerian Government all over social media, in the case of  less noise, wake and see Nigerian Celebrity who actually  mean well to vulnerable Nigerians are few in the entertainment sector.


On  the faithful day of 15TH 04 2020 Nigerian popular Francis Agoda popularly known as I Go Dye or I Go Die , a Nigerian visionary comedian, motivational speaker, writer and social crusade  visited most vulnerable Nigerian homes to show excess love in this erand of coronavirus lockdown, during his solidarity movement Aid People Change Nigeria Charity and Orphanage Home benefited from the donations. below is our hidden video clip, though he refused disclosing his contributions or images during his visit. ” God will never allow I GO DIE to lack wisdom, financial support and good health” said Deaconess Patience Edionewe and  the Director General (CEO) Amb. Becky Edionewe.

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