Board members meeting in 2008


The Aid People Change Nigeria Charity and Orphanage Organisation is the umbrella body to Aid People Change Naija charity Organisation  founded in  15th January, 2008   by  a Nigeria Red cross society member, Amb. Becky Ehisienme Edionewe , alongside various  local groups of  African communities from Ghana, Mali, Cotonou, Nigeria, Italy  and Ireland, who they all shared same humanitarian ideology of random act of kindness, subsequently the company’s branches spread around west Africa countries and some countries in Europe .  Few months later , in 2008, Aid People Change Nigeria or Aid People Change Naija  charity gained popularity and became known for  an annual  APCN Humanitarian awards ceremonies  which was first held at Samuel Ogbemudia National stadium,  Majeck Fashek was first to receive the prestigious award, hosted by prof Victor Uwaifo. the ceremony was sponsored by Guinness Plc  . APCN  charity, works directly with  Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in Edo state.


Aid People Change Naija (NGO) was  constituted strictly  with United Nations principles, under the consultative status of the ECOSOC.


Aid People  Change Naija – NGO, has a complete social scope on helping the under privileged PWD, we have adopted  the global responsibilities as the major advocate for persons living with severe disability (PWD)  to recieve maximum welfare, Worldwide. While we continue to construct Orphanage homes in West Africa to accomodate abandoned babies. As at 2020, Aid People Change Nigeria has contructed  and renovated  335 orphanage institutions  in Nigeria, Ghana, Mali,Republic of Benin and Abidjan

We are dedicated to helping abandoned children, orphans and  persons with disability (PWD)  from all walks of life without discrimination to tribal origin, religion, race, sex, national origin, physical challenge, and age. We provide the necessary resources in spiritual , social and physical  guidance, daily necessities such as food, medical care, accomodation(orphanage) ,  nutrition, family planning; teenage pregnancy counseling and support. Also included are adult education, and family assistance to allow  disabled children to attend school.

Our regional offices:

Accra – Ghana

Cotonou – Republic of Benin


Bamako – Mali

Torino – Italy

Dublin 1 – Ireland

Nuberg -Germany

Currently, Aid People Change Naija  works in the following major areas:

  • Education: Providing imported books and supplies to disable schools and individuals with disability.
  • Social Welfare/Homes: Providing support to orphanages homes and individuals.
  • Hospitals / health care: Providing imported hospital supplies to clinics and hospitals.
  • Soup Kitchen: Aid People Change Naija provide monthly soup Kitchens to  PWD in need.
  • Clean Up Activities: Occasionally organise clean-up activities in any area we find necessary precisely homes of persons with disability
  • Workshop: We recycle  new and fairly used prothesis to be re used by PWD in need, our workshop teaches repairs, using local materials to fabricate Ramps and Wheelchairs in various developing countries.
  • Aid People Change Nigeria Orphanage Home .

As part of our continued support to individuals to be self-sufficient, Aid People Change Naija. uses a free registration process that allows us to follow up with individuals and families that seek assistance from us. Through this registration process, we are able to monitor each individual progress through home and school visits to ensure that families are attaining the self-sufficiency skills needed to improve their standard of living.

We do not want to just feed and clothe people, but we want to see them succeed in life on “KNOW HOW” skills,  That is, by teaching them how to fish. As an International organization, Aid People Change Naija (CLG). strategic plan is to identify and establish missions worldwide. We believe that there is ability in disability.


We are funded by donations from individuals like you, religious organizations, banks, and companies around the world. We are recognized by the government of  Nigeria and the Ireland  who acknowledges the mission and vision of Aid People Change Naija. Although we accept donations from organizations, political leaders and churches, we are not affiliated with any.

Our activities are monitored by the government and every donation is reported to the Revenue tax office  in countries were we work worldwide for transparency.

Through donations, we are able to provide many services that most people would not be have able to afford. The basic need of being able to attend school from elementary level through college, providing resources for teachers and educators such as providing school supplies and books, and providing nutritional meals to schools, hospitals, orphanages, and families.

Your donation can be made right here on our website or mailing address both in the Ireland and Nigeria main office. We gladly accept donations of new and lightly used clothes, non-perishable food items, toys, shoes and sandals, new and used school supplies and medical supplies. We ship containers to various countries where needed on a regular basis to support our work. You can check our progress report and how donations and items are being used and distributed on our main website blog and facebook page.

You can also donate online directly to Aid People Change Naija account, and the teller will be more than glad to help you. Contact us by phone or e-mail, to inform us about your donation and your name will be added to the Contributor’s list as our appreciation for your donation and we will send you a thank you gift. Donation can also be made at our offices, Make sure you take a receipt and sign at the office.

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