What your donation does




Aid people change Naija believes  everybody knows what money can do today. Without money, we cannot ship all the items, school books, hospital beds, etc donated to Aid people change Naija . to those who need it most.

We pay warehouse bills and people to do the work and we do our best to spend less of administrative and support with more going to those who really need help.  Through your donations, we are able to provide many services to the needy. Your €5, €10, €15 or more donations will go a long way to help someone really in need. Please help Aid people change (CLG), to meet its vision and goal by donating any amount today. There are many souls counting on us to help them, but we cannot do it without your help. Please donate today for a worthy cause. Thank you.


-Your new & slightly used cloths & shoes for all ages

-Toys, home items & anything you do not need.

-School bags, supplies, books and Stationeries.

(Just call or send us an e-mail to arrange for pick up)

Nigeria: + (234) 08170231810

Ireland -Dublin: +(353) 089 980 3006

Email: info@aidpeoplechangenaija.org


*Pay school fees

*Clothe the Needy , Disables & Orphans

*Place people in trade school

*Feed the hungry with our Charity Kitchens.

*Get children out of the street and into the classroom.

*Girl-Child Education and Protection

*Organize cleanup activities in orphanages, hospitals and schools

*Community outreach and education

*HIV, Drug Abuse, family planning, teenage pregnancy & counseling.

*Provide support to our Foster Parents

*Just to mention a few…

Aid people change Naija , cannot do all the above without your generous support.Whatever we do is published on our website, at the News  section and on our Facebook page.Please support a worthy cause!!


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