APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – lord Mayor’s South Dublin county council “Winner”for “Best Irish Mayor” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Dynamic Brothers International Club “Winner”for “Best Africa /Irish Social Club” (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – St Merald charity Organisation “Winner”for “Best humanitarian Team of the Year” 2019

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Igbo Union Ireland Dublin “Winner”for “Best Exemplary Social Club” (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Amazing grace Juliet Foundation “Winner”for “Best Charitable Collaboration of the year” (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Ibin Association Dublin “Winner”for “Charity Champion”of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Promise Bon “Winner”for “Best Nigerian Female Comedian”of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Victory Regan Help Foundation (VRHF) “Winner”for “truly outstanding”of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Osasu Emwindomwaifo “Winner”for “Ambassador of Hope” (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Winning Jah “Winner”for ” Best Charitable Singer” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Debbie Hegarty “Winner”for “Best African/Irish Fashion Designer ” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Jolly Osazua “Winner” for “Best Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Year” (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Tom Africa Shop “Winner”for “Best African hygienic Shop ” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Kemix African Shop “Winner”for “Best Exemplary Market ” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Praise Connect Charity Organisation “Winner” “Perfect Partnership” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Igbo Union Dublin “Winner”for “Best Ethnic group” of the Year (2019)

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Initiative Poverty Elimination Foundation “Winner” for “Best inspirational club ” of the Year 2019

APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Associazione Famiglia Cristiana Di Debora E Carol Onlus “Winner” for Best International Ngo of the Year 2019


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