How will needy Children Survive at 18years of age? – Amb Becky Edionewe

Where would the needy children be when they reach 18 years of age?

Most times an abandoned child grew up after earning education, work skills and a whole lot of EXPERIENCE from the institutions who stood as guardians until they reached adulthood and got abandoned for the second time as they couldn’t finance their passionate craft, what happens next? they turn mendicants or hoodlums in the street as in gangsters in their own rights.

For the very first time in Nigeria, Aid People Change Nigeria charity and Orphanage home is set to tackle future financial disaster awaiting this children in future by innovating a new financial support system (OFS) meaning “Orphan’s Future Savings”.

What does OFS mean to orphans in our 2022 project and how will it impact the needy? Simple as ABC, we have activated individual fixed deposit accounts for each child in our home, donors will only need to donate monthly token, as little as 1000 Naira minimum, directly to a child’s account until the age of 18yrs, so doing, they will be extremely buoyant to standalone and improve their business without falling back to Orphanages for rescue.  

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