Directives and volunteers of Aid People Change visited Benin IDP

Little  fundraising from  friends and unknown donors had impacted vulnerable people in Benin city IDP centre.


If you recall, our previous campaign about basic necessities for PWDs in Edo state, to God be the glory, every little donations had impacted lives of the needy.

Malnutrition had always fuelled premature death, frequent health problems in most social centres and homes in Africa, precisely Benin City – Edo state. After a consecutive SOS call from two  social centres harbouring persons with difficulties in Benin city, they decided to reach out to us and of course we weren’t financially buoyant as volunteers, to rescue a horrific situation like starvation and extreme poverty, our volunteers needed to raise the sum of 50,000 Naira from privates  through all our social media platforms. Luckily our initiative was successful, we finally visited one of the social centres to donate aliments and other fundamental daily needs.  “We are elated that our campaign never ended fiasco” said our team leader (Evangelist Patience Edionwe)





















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